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Vittoria Gerardi is an Italian photographer who started to become familiar with photography at the age of sixteen. Shortly after, she began to observe and absorb the world around herself exploring shapes, substances, sounds.

For its multi-layered nature photography more than any other form of art has satisfied in her that particular search she was waiting for to embrace reality in a new way.
After high school she moved to New York where she attended the International Center of Photography and worked as assistant to Italian photographer Renato D’Agostin.

In 2016, her first series of photographs entitled Confine, Vittoria found the inspiration for in the desert of Death Valley, in the United States. The elements of light and time that originated this experience are visualised as a selection of photographic fragments of the desert, condensed in the space of a line or other symbolic shapes. The tonalities surrounding those forms are achieved through the alteration of the chemical process, a process which Vittoria is constantly exploring in the darkroom, as she works on the “fragility” of the light-sensitive paper and analyses how the intensity of light gradually affects and changes the pure white into a wide range of browns and greys.
The time-matter explored in Confine became a motif and now resonates in her current project called Pompeii, in which she evokes the immortality of the lost city and the subtil equilibrium between what has been discovered and what is still buried.

Vittoria Gerardi was born in Venice in 1996. She lives and works in London.

Exhibitions at the gallery


Pompeii, Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, Paris
Confine, Arte Fiera, Bologne

Confine, Foire APPROCHE, Paris
Confine, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam
L’Altro Sguardo, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome
Confine America, Leica Gallery, Bologne

Confine, mc2gallery, Milan
Confine, Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, Paris
Confine / 7439, Musei Civici, San Donà di Piave

Periscope, mc2gallery, Milan
Homo Pagus Minor, APART spazio critico, Vicenza
Periscope, Palazzo Marliani Cicogna, Busto Arsizio


"Confine" - Photographs by Vittoria Gerardi
Hyakutake Editions, 2016

"Dirt" - Photographs by Vittoria Gerardi and Renato D’Agostin
Hyakutake Editions, 2018

selected artworks


Vittoria Gerardi • Confine
Meet Vittoria Gerardi as she talks about her series "Confine" but also about her process in the darkroom

Vittoria Gerardi • Pompeii

Pompeii, a delicate and powerful work that challenges the very nature of photography.