Renato D’Agostin was born in 1983. He started his career in photography in Venice, Italy in 2001. The atmosphere of city life nourished his curiosity to capture life situations with the camera. For this, in 2002, he journeys through the capitals of Western Europe. After a period in Milan, he moved overseas exploring photography in New York. In the dynamic city life he had the chance to meet photographer Ralph Gibson and later on become his assistant.
His works have been exhibited in several exhibitions in Europe, United States and Asia and published in numerous books. Some of his prints have in the years become part of public collections such as The Library of Congress and The Phillips Collection in Washington DC, the International Center of Photography in New York, as well as LACMA in Los Angeles, the Center for Creative Photography in Arizona and the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris among others.
Dislocating subjects from their realities, he depicts his perception of the space around him, the relationship between the architecture and people, opening a new portal in the spectator’s imagination.
After 13 years living and working in New York, D’Agostin in 2018 has returned to his motherland Italy, setting up a studio in a warehouse in the outskirts of Venice.



Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, Paris

Leica Gallery, Bangkok
Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam
Leica Gallery, Bologna

Carnegie Hall, New York
Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, Paris
Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, San Dona’ di Piave, Venice
Leica Gallery, Milan
Villa Firenze, Washington DC

Leica Gallery, Washington DC
Conde Nast Gallery, Freedom Tower, New York

Leica Gallery, Tokyo

Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, San Dona’ di Piave, Venice
Leica Gallery, San Francisco
Embassy of Italy, Washington DC
Mondo Galeria, Madrid
mc2 Gallery, Milan

Hôtel de Nupces, Toulouse
Italian Cultural Institute, Madrid
Next Stop : Italy, Group Exhibition, Phillips Collection, Washington DC

Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Franchetti, Venice
Phos Center, Chieri, Turin
mc2 Gallery, Milan
Galeria Rita Castellote, Madrid

The Chinese Porcelain Company, New York
Galerie Photo 4, Paris
Jardin Raymond VI du Musées des Abattoirs, Toulouse
Vision Quest Gallery, Genoa

Randall Scott Gallery, New York
.IT – Italian Art Today, Group Exhibition, Italian Cultural Institute, San Francisco
One, Group Exhibition, Randall Scott Gallery, New York
FORMA presented by MC2 Gallery, Milan
Italian Cultural Institute, Washington DC

Leica Gallery, New York
Leica Gallery, Tokyo
Galerie Photo 4, Paris
Galleria MC2, Milan
Palais des Institutions Italiennes, Tangier, Morocco
Fondation Lorin, Tangier, Morocco
Interessi Personali, Group Exhibition, Romberg Artecontemporanea Gallery, Rome
Italidea, Group Exhibition, Mandato Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso, Mexico
Palazzo Roberti, Bassano del Grappa, Italy
Vision Quest Gallery, Genova, Italy
Oeuvres Choisies, Group Exhibition, Galerie Photo4, Paris

Italidea, Group Exhibition, Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico
Pinacoteca di Ancona, Italy
PhotoFestival, Yaroslavl, Russia
Leica Gallery, Istanbul
Sala Margana, Rome
Italian Cultural Institute, Washington DC
Photo Biennial 2008, Alessandria, Italy
Leica Gallery, Solms, Germany
Echoes From the Street, Group Exhibition, Domeischel Gallery, New York
Oeuvres choisies, Group Exhibition, Photo 4, Paris

Italian Cultural Institute, New York
Oeuvres Récentes, Group exhibition, Photo 4, Paris
The (sub)Urban Landscape, Group exhibition, Ross Art Museum, Ohio
Postcards from Paris, Group exhibition, Leica Gallery, New York
Leica Gallery, New York
Mythos.Miti ed archetipi nel mare della consocenza, Group exhibition, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana
Evagoras & Kathleen Lanitis Foundation, Limassol, Cyprus
Blanche et noir est la rue, Group exhibition, Galerie Photo 4, Paris

Mythos.Miti ed archetipi nel mare della consocenza, Group exhibition, Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens


LACMA, Los Angeles
ICP International Center of Photography, New York
Library of Congress, Washington DC
The Phillips Collection, Washington DC
Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, Arizona
Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris
George Eastman House, Rochester, New York
HIGH Museum of Art, Atlanta


Dirt, Hyakutake Editions, 2018
Orbit, IIKKI Books, 2018
Valsanzibio, Nomadic Editions, 2017
Proxemics, The (M) Editions, 2016
7439, Nomadic Editions, 2016
Archaeologies: Los Angeles, Furlined, 2015
Kapadokya, Nomadic Editions, 2015
Frecce, Automatic Books, 2014
Acrobats, Nomadic Editions, 2014
Etna, Nomadic Editions, 2013
The Beautiful Cliché – Venezia, Silvana Editoriale, 2012
Tokyo Untitled, MC2 Gallery Edizioni, 2009
0.00 Night Moleskine, Zeropuntozerozero + Moleskine, 2008
Un giorno con Lucia, Zeropuntozerozero, 2007
Metropolis, Zeropuntozerozero, 2007


Renato D'Agostin • 7439 (English)

Renato D'Agostin talks about his latest series 7439 and the book-making process. Courtesy VSCO.

Renato D’Agostin, “Harmony of Chaos” (English)
Renato D’Agostin, in his studio in Venice, working on the “Harmony of Chaos” series