Graduate of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Catherine Balet began her artistic career as a painter before moving to photography in the early 2000s. Her photographic work then took on a sociological dimension. Her series of portraits of teenagers "Identity" and her series "Strangers in the Light" anchored her work in a contemporary reality.
From 2013 to 2016, Catherine Balet worked on her series "Looking for the Masters in Ricardo's Golden Shoes" in which she paid a vibrant tribute to the masters of photography. From Nadar to contemporary trends, through Man Ray and Martin Parr, she has captured the history of photography, and looked for ways to reflect on its future.
With her series "Moods in a Room", Catherine Balet continues her experimentation by reinvesting the technical transformations of the photographic medium and wonders about the border that separates painting from photography.



Fola Fototeca Latinoamericana, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Viborg Kunsthal, Denmark
Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, Paris, France

Troisième Biennal Beijing Photo, Beijing, China
« In Vivo », Noorderlicht Photo Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands
ArtonaPostcard, PhotoLondon, London, United-Kingdom
Amoureux, Hôtel & Spa La Belle Juliette, Paris, France
Maison de la Photo, Lille, France
Wroclaw 2016, Capitale culturelle européenne, Wroclaw, Poland
Dali International Photography Festival, China
« Wings of Fantasy » shown in Beijing, China
Festival du Portrait de Vichy, France
Galerie Thierry Bigaignon, Paris, France
Triennal of photography, Hamburg, German
Noorderlicht Photo Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands
Encontros da Imagen, Braga, Portugal
On Paper, Lucy Bell Gallery, St Leonards, United-Kingdom
Lichtungen, Hildesheim, Germany
Clervaux, Cité de l'image, Luxembourg
Bristol Photobook Festival, United-Kingdom
National portrait Gallery, London, United-Kingdom
The House of St.Barnabas, London, United-Kingdom
Millennium Gallery Museum, Sheffield, United-Kingdom
Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland
Arte Laguna Prize, Venise, Italy
National Portrait Gallery Talk, London, United-Kingdom
Transition, Minsk, Belarus
Les Contemplatives, Espace 111, Paris, France

Festival de la Luz, Museo Provincial de Bellas Artes Franklin Rawson, San Juan, Argentina
Festival de la Luz, Alianza Francesa Sede Central, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The World in London, Photographers Gallery, London, United-Kingdom
Art Paris, Art Fair, Paris, France
Madrid foto Art Fair, Madrid, Spain
Polka Galerie, Paris, France

Identity, Kindermuseum in FEZ, Berlin, Germany
Global Photography, Mestre/Venise, Italy
Global Photography, Si Fest Savignano Immagini Festival, Italy
Galeries photo Fnac‚ Paris, France
Biennale of photography, Urbi et Orbi, Sedan, France
Galerie Colette‚ Paris, France
Exposition 'Air de Paris’, Hermès, Paris, France
Voies Off, Arles, France


Looking for the Masters in Ricardo’s Golden Shoes, Ed. Dewis Lewis, 2016
Strangers in the Light, Ed. Steidl, 2012
Identity, Ed. Steidl, 2006

selected artworks


Ted Forbes • Catherine Balet
Ted Forbes talks about Catherine Balet's series "Looking for the Masters in Ricardo's Golden Shoes". Courtesy of The Art of Photography.

Moods in a Room • Catherine Balet
A 30-seconds glimpse of a 20 year-long creation process!